At Spallywood Kidz


To Keep You Safe

  1. Please wear a mask!! No mask/ No entry OUR POLICY.
  2. 10 minute grace period for appointments. After 15 minutes you will lose your spot and may have to wait.
  3. Only 1 adult per guest Unless you are having a birthday party.
  4. No outside food unless you are having a party.
  5. Please make sure we are aware of any allergies.
  6. Parties start on time even if you are late
  7. Deposits are non refundable. NCNS are non refundable. If you make a deposit for an appointment or birthday party and don’t show up or have to cancel last minute, it’s still non refundable.
  8. Balances for parties are due upon invoice, usually the day before your party.
  9. Birthday parties, please bring balloons, food for parents, water bottles if you like. Just ask for an additional table.
  10. Please try to remove nail polish for parties if possible.

Any Questions?

We’re Here to Help