At Spallywood Kidz


To Keep You Safe

  1. If your child has a couch she/he will need a mask.
  2. 10 minute grace period for appointments. After 15 minutes you will lose your spot and may have to wait.
  3. Only 1 adult per guest Unless you are having a birthday party.
  4. No outside food unless you are having a party.
  5. Please make sure we are aware of any allergies.
  6. Parties start on time even if you are late
  7. Deposits are non refundable. NCNS are non refundable. If you make a deposit for an appointment or birthday party and don’t show up or have to cancel last minute, it’s still non refundable.
  8. Balances for parties are due upon invoice, usually the day before your party.
  9. Birthday parties, please bring balloons, food for parents, water bottles if you like. Just ask for an additional table.
  10. Please try to remove nail polish for parties if possible.

Any Questions?

We’re Here to Help


questions we’ve recieved

  • Q:  Can we book more than one child at a time.

Yes, up to 3 kids can be serviced at once. Anything over 3 is considered a party. To schedule more than one, you must schedule one at a time.

  • Q: Can we have more than 6 at a party?

Yes, you will pay an additional $35 for additional kids?

  • Q: My daughter has eczema; will your products harm her?

No! We have sensitive skin products for kids with eczema.

  • Q: How old do you guys start with?

2 yrs. Old. If they can sit.

  • Q: Can we bring in food?

You can bring in finger foods for parents. Water, soda, fruit, pizza

  • Q: Do you take walk ins?

We prefer reservations. Due to CDC guidelines, it keeps the crowd down and keeps everyone safer. So please make a reservation online.

  • Q: How much is your party deposit?

$75.00 , it goes towards your balance.  Deposits are non refundable.

  • Q: How long in advance should I book?

We prefer at least two weeks out.

  • Q: Should I remove my daughters nail polish?


    • Q: Am I able to add more kids?

    There will be a fee for extra kids depending on the level booked.

    • Q: Can I bring balloons or decorations?


    • Q: What color is your table setting?

    Mostly Pink a little gold. Currently serving juice box do to Covid19

    • Q: Do you have a table for treats?

    Yes, we have a small table for treats and goodie bags.

    • Q: Can parents drop off?

    Yes, it’s up to the mom hosting the party.

    • Q: Can we brin in Alcohol for the parents?

    No, we are located inside a mall.

    • Q: What if we are late?

    We start on time, so whatever time you booked, that’s the time we will start the party.

    • Q: Can I get a refund if I booked a party, and I can’t make it?

    No, unfortunately we are an appointment-based boutique so if you book it’s your slot. However, we will give you 14 days to reschedule.

    • Q: Can I arrive early?

    We allow 15 minutes early arrival prior to party.

    • Q: Can I bring a cake?

    Yes, you may bring a cake. However, we only serve finger foods so please bring a cake cutter and forks.

    • Q: When is my final balance due?

    You will receive an invoice to your email 48 hours prior to your party date. It will need to be paid before your party begins.

    • Q: Will we get our pictures from our photoshoot same day?

    Yes, these are digital pics. We will send pictures same day!

    • Q: Do you still practice covid guidelines?

    Yes, no mask no entry and also we check temperature and give hand sanitizer at the door.

    • Q: What is your late policy?

    10 minute grace period for appointments. After 15 minutes you will lose your spot and may have to wait. For parties; your time starts at the time you booked. Please be on time so your guest won’t miss out on activities.

    • Q: When do you serve pizza?

    We eat at the beginning of the party so we can celebrate with cake at the end.

    • Q: How many people can come to the reservation?

    Only 2 adult per guest Unless you are having a birthday party.

    • Q: When do I pay the balance of my party?

    Invoices are due 2 days before your party.

    • Q: Can I bring balloons?



    Please try to remove all polish before appointments.